The Taylor-Wilson Camp has provided a form you can use for purchasing the Lynchburg POW Monument Fund

Copy and paste the form below into a new document, fill it out, and mail the form to the address listed below to order a POW commemorative medal.

POW / Battle of Lynchburg Commemorative Medal Order Form

Number of Medals wanted ___________ X $25.00 __________

Shipping and Handling @ $2.00 per medal            __________

Total Amount owed                                          __________

Buyers Name:  ________________________________________

Buyers Address: _______________________________________



Day phone:       _______________________________________

Evening phone:  _______________________________________

Make checks out to: Taylor-Wilson Camp 10 SUVCW

Mail checks and order form to:

Taylor-Wilson Camp 10

c/o Treasurer Taylor Wilson Camp 10

Ronald B. Johnson

111 Haines Point Ter.

Forest, Virginia 24511-1855