POW Camp Civil War Trails Marker installed at E.C. Glass High School [former site of the POW Camp]

Early in October 2011 the Civil War trails managment team installed the Lynchburg POW Camp interpretive marker.  The installation of the marker marks the end of a year long drive to recognize this long forgotten part of Lynchburg's Civil War history.  Credit for the successful completion of the project goes to PCC Clif Potter and current CC Kevin Shroyer both of whom worked uncessingly with the city and the school board to ensure the markers installation.

New Images of the POW monument are here!

The Taylor-Wilson Camp is in the process of raising funds to place a statuary monument  on the site of the Lynchburg Prisoner of War camp, current day E.G. Glass High School.  

A design for the monument, which is shown below, created by the noted Civil war sculptor Gary Casteel of Lexington, Va  has been accepted by the camp.

The monument will be built in two stages with a total cost approximately $200,000 and consits of two free standing bronze figures and a bronze bas-relief mounted on a granite base and granite upright.  The two free standing figuress  represent a young Union soldier and an older soldier both of whom are looking to the North.  The bas-relief would provide a backround containing elements of a stockade and soldiers standing about in the prison camp.

Work on the clay molds for the bas-relief could begin as early as January 2010 and the goal would be for the entire monument to be in place for the sesquicentennial of the Battle of Lynchburg in 2014 provided the funding can be found.

Individuals or groups interested in donating funds to this worthy project should send emails to oscmbb64@msn.com or c.potter@lynchburg.edu  

I have often heard it said in the last few months that these next five years, leading up to the 150th anniversary events,  may be the last chance to identify and mark the hallowed sites of the Civil War.  If this is true then please consider this monument as a way to honor the memory of these hero's who will not be remembered in any way.  Without this monument their names will be lost to history forever.


The Taylor-Wilson Camp has commisoned a medal bearing the image of the POW Monument on the obverse and a commemorative Battle of Lynchburg design on the reverse.  These medals are available from the camp.  See POW Medal Page on this site for details